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SSL or Secure Socket Layer is absolutely essential for any website collecting sensitive information online. SSL ensures the online transaction is safe and no hacker can intercept and misuse information being collected online. You can see it as the little padlock in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser when you enter a SSL secured web site.
How SSL Works:
An SSL digital certificate generates a public key for your customers and a private key on your server that works as a kind of official, online stamp for your enterprise. This private key needs to be kept secure, along with a back-up. A user can check to see if a secure session has been established by looking at the web address: in a secure session, the 'http:' portion of the web address changes to 'https:'.
This basically ensures that nobody can tamper with the data or information that is already online and make sure the business is being done in a safe environment.
This means that online collection of sensitive information is secure and cannot be intercepted or read by anyone except the computer it was intended for.
C.O.M.O.D.O SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates from Comodo is a leading certificate authority trusted for its PKI Certificate solutions. It increases consumer trust in transacting business online, information security through strong encryption (128/256 bit), and satisfying industry best practices & security compliance requirements with SSL.
Features Instant SSL Pro Positive SSL
SSL Encryption 128/ 256* bit
Browser Compatibility 99.3% Browser Consistency
Technical Support: e.g.Cert Installation guidance Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Email, Web
Customer Care Tel (US Toll Free), Email, Web Email, Web
Warranty USD $250,000 N/A
Secures Single Domain Name (FQDN) Single Domain Name (FQDN)
Network Security Audit Yes Yes
Full validation /Authentication Yes Yes
Reissuance Timeframe Unlimited Unlimited
Pay 1 Year (RM) 539 189
Pay 2 Years (RM) 639 359
Order Now
Order Now
* 256 bit encryption supported by compatible servers and clients. e.g. Apache 2 and Firefox.
Buy Instant SSL Pro or Positive SSL, you are entitled to get:
  • Free TrustLogo worth* USD $119
  • Free Fast Track Support worth USD $19.95
  • Free one Dedicate IP worth RM192.00 per year