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  • GenHost Solutions offer a various type of International Domain Names and Regional Domain Names.
  • To protect our Domain Name's Owner privacy, you will be provided with domain name management system by the top ICANN Registrars or Private Domain Name Management System (PDRS) by our Domain Name Registrars.
Why register domain name with GenHost?
  • Get you domain name now as low as RM 4 per month or RM 48 per year.
  • Free domain name dns pointing.
  • Secure domain name management system.
  • Easy update domain name information (Registrant and Administrative/Technical/Billing Contact).
  • Domain name privacy protected setting.
Domain Name Extension Register For One Year (RM)
.com.sg (Singapore)129
.net.sg (Singapore)129
.com.tw (Taiwan)99
.org.tw (Taiwan)99
.idv.tw (Taiwan)99
.tw (Taiwan)109
.cn (China)130
.com.cn (China)130
.net.cn (China)130
.org.cn (China)130
.hk (Hong Kong)109
.com.hk (Hong Kong)109